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Veggie and Pork Baby Ribs
Leslie T. Duong

This is a great meal for children to get the vitamins that they need. It is also easy for young children to digest.

Ingredients: Pork Baby Ribs

•1 ½ pound of pork baby ribs
•1 big yellow onion chopped
•4 slice of garlic chopped
•½ tablespoon of salt
•½ tablespoon of black pepper
•1 ½ tablespoon of brow sugar

Ingredients: Veggies

•2 sticks of carrots
•1 bundle of broccoli
•¼ cauliflower bundle
•2 sticks of celery

How to prepare:

First wash the baby ribs with warm salt water, to clean the baby ribs, then dry.

Then, add salt and pepper and brown sugar and chopped onion and garlics on the baby ribs, leave it there for ½ hour.

Then, chopped all the vegetables in to a cube and put each in each bowls.

Then, put 2 liter of purify water or drinking water in the pots, let it sit to a boiling

Then, add the baby ribs which had been sit for ½ hour already.

Then, bring to a boil again, get rid of all the floating part in the pots out of the soup.

Then, steam pot for 1 hour, let the baby ribs get softening.

Then, put the carrots in first for 10 minutes, then broccoli and cauliflowers for 5 minutes, then, lastly add celery. Then let the soup sit for 25 minutes more, then the soup is serve.

Ingredient Specific Benefits:

1 ½ pound of pork baby ribs: warm and nourishing also neutral and sweet and salty(their properties which affect the kidney, spleen pancrease, stomach, moistenin dryness and nurtures yin, treat with thin dry nervous, and weak constitions, for dry cough, constipation, and wasting stages of diabetes, good source of calcium and protein for children and also tonifying the yin for children. However, contraindications: obesity, diarrhea, hypertension, yellow mucus with heat condition), or stagnation of qi energy, the latter often resulting in conditions such as tiredness, stress, pain, spasm, and paralysis)

1 big yellow onion chopped: spicy and disperse (good source of vitamin C, treats dysentery, inhibits allergic reactions, induce sweating, cure for common cold, traditional cough medicine, good for bronchial inflammation and chest congestion, calms the brain, and acts as general sedatives.)

4 slice of garlic chopped: pungent and influence for the lung, promote warmth and move energy in body, resolve blood stagnation, reduce clotting, expel coldness, also riches in sulfur, a warming elements that purified the body, help to remove metals, and parasites, facilitates protein, amnino acid metabolism, clean the arteries and veins, cleanse yeast, ferments, viruses, the healing basic to promote circulation and sweating, removes abdominal obstructions and stagnant food. Eliminates worms, bacteria, yeast including Candida Albicans, promotes growth of healthy intestinal flora, for dysentery, pneumonia, tuberculosis, the growth of healthy intestinal flora, used for dysentery, pneumonia, tuberculosis, asthma, hay fever, diarrhea, snake bites, lyme disease, anthrax infection, warts, abscess, hepatitis. Contraindication for garlic of heat condition: red face, red eyes, sensitive of hot feeling, canker sores, deficient of yin fluids, night sweat, dry mouth, fever, fast thin pulse.)

½ tablespoon of salt - salt is cooling, a moderate amount only good for kidney, regulate body fluids moistening conditions of dryness, counteract toxins in the body, neutralize effects of impure food or poor food combinations, the direction inward and downward, fall in the winter, salt strengthening digestion and can soften or remove abdominal swellings and intestinal obstructions, help move the bowels, softening the hardened glands, muscles, lymph nodes, salt help move aowels, balance beans peas, grains, meats, and other acid forming foods or acidic conditions.)

½ tablespoon of black pepper - warming( it stimulates a warming flow of energy in the body and warm abdomen and used to treatment of diarrhea and watery stools, pepper is diaphoretic open the pores for sweating, helpful at the onset of common cold, with a very hot pungent flavor benefits lungs and helps protect agains simple viral infections such as colds and flus, counteracts food poisoning and indigestion, good for the food)

1 ½ tablespoon of brow sugar - sweet flavor ( enters the spleen and pancrease: activates the pancreatic enzyme amylase, ascending and outwardly dispersing the fuel for brain, sugar dilate blood vessels, causing blood move to the periphery of the body, sugar harmonizing and balanced food sugar level maximize trytophan sent to the brain, lack of sugar - cause irritability, dizziness, headaches, and other disharmonies, sugar removes coldness like carbohydrate and sugar combustion promote warmth, sugar tonifies is proper food for deficiency and weakness, sugars for muscles, nerves, brain, are the principal source of energy for all body functions. Contraindication: promotes unhealthy mucus and moist conditions, formation of yeast and fungi in body as candida swelling edema, excess sugar - intitiates skeletal problems including bone loss and arthiritis, excess sugar - acidified blood, destroys B other vitamins, depletes the body of minerals, cause unhealthy hair.)

2 sticks of carrots - neutral nature - sweet, benefits lungs, strenghthens the spleen and pancrease, improves liver functions, stimulates the elimination of wastes, diuretic, dissolves accumulation of stones and tumors, treats indigestion including excess stomach acid and heartburn, eliminates putrefactive bacteria in the intestines that cause poor assimilation, used for diarrhea and chronic dysentery, contains an essential oil that destroy pinworms and roundworms, carrots are alkaline forming and clear acidic blood condtion including acne, tonsillitis, and rheumatism, richest sources of anti-oxidant beta-caroteen vitamin A, which protect agains cancer, carrot can treat night blindness, ear infection, earaches, or deafness, carrot benefits skin and antiflammatory for mucous memberanes, carrot useful for skin lesions, and lung , digestive track and urinary tract infections, carrots help whooping cough, carrots - good for children to chew help for their teeth, reduces overcrowding of the teeth by encouragement the development of the lower jaws. Contraindication: over use carrots injure the kidney with symptoms of hair loss.)

1 bundle of broccoli - cooling thermal nature - pungent, slightly bitter flavor, diruretic, brightness eyes, treat summer heat condition, used for eye inflammation and nearsightedness, contains abundant panthothenic acid and vitamin A, benefit rough skin, has more vitamin c than citrus, highly natural source of sulfur, iron, and B vitamin, if slight cooked, broccoli retain hight chlororphy content, counteract gas formation resulting sulfur. Contraindication : broccoli has five goitrogeneous chemicals which disrupt the body ability to use iodine, avoid in cases of thyroid and deficiency and low iodine.

¼ cauliflower bundle -slightly warming themal nature, sweet and pungent flavor, moisten the intestine, benefits the stomach, improve digestion, and use beautify the skin, treat constipation, common cold, whooping cough, frostbite, mental depression and irrabtlity, help rid of digestive system of worms.)

2 sticks of celery - cooling thermal nature - sweet and bitter flavor, benefits stomach and spleen pancrease and calm an aggravated liver; improve digestion, dries damp excesses, purifies the blood, reduces wind conditions such vertigo and nervousness; and promotes sweating, used as heat excessive such as eye inflammation, burning urine, blood in the urine, acne and cankers sores, to cool internal heat in the liver and stomach, which often contribute to headache and excessive appetite, resolve damph, good for diabetes patients, celery clear digestive fermentation, acidic blood that treat rheumatism, arthritis, gout, and nerve inflammations.

Benifits of this meal:

This soup usually recommend for everyone, but is especially good for children. This soup will nourish the your child's brain & kidney; cleanse the liver and nourish blood. It is good for the spleen and helps the digestive system while toning the stomach.

Soups are a part of every cultures's diet. They can contain any food as an ingredient in their watery medium. The nature of water is yin, and receptive it takes the shape of its container, by eating food that are water with vegetables and meat broth are example of strong food . In the meat centered diet, soup will ideally be a main feature, in fact for those whose chose to eat meat, we suggest soup as the best way to modify its extreme nature. The water of soup in combination with induced vegetables and herbs acts to dilute and predigest the protein and fats in meat. There is a nutritional need for a meat soup or broth, miso or soy sauce will not be more nutrionally balancing, but more flavorful. Soups can be adapted to the seasons by changing their texture and cooking method. Hearty winter soups are rich, creamy, and thick. They are cooked longer and help to generate heat for the colder months.

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